LIA Solar Incentive Program

The Long Island Association has partnered with EmPower Solar to offer an exclusive benefit program to members and all member employees. Through the program, LIA is able to offer member companies up to $75,000 off a commercial solar system and employees of member companies up to $1,350 off a home solar system.


It's easy to get started.

1. Sign up here for a free solar assessment.

2. Receive a custom proposal based on your property's available space and energy needs

3. Go solar with an exclusive LIA discount and start saving from day one!


Save instantly with new free installation options:

  • Same electric bill, only lower! 
  • Solar payment included with utility bill
  • Total amount due drops
  • System is paid off in 5, 10, or 15 years
  • Collect federal & state tax incentives 
Solar Lease 
  • Eliminate your electric bill
  • Replace with a lower solar bill
  • Lock in electric costs
  • Dependable fixed monthly payments


Benefits of Solar:

  • Start saving right away

  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill 

  • Create cleaner, healthier communities

  • Cover over 60% of costs with incentives

  • Make a lucrative investment with a guaranteed ROI


EmPower Advantage:

  • You get the highest quality products

  • Your system is designed by skilled professionals

  • We offer industry-leading workmanship warranties

  • We take care of everything from start to finish

Get started today!